Collection: LUUK DE HAAN

Luuk de Haan was born 1964 in Vlaardingen in The Netherlands.

His work emphasizes sequential processes and long durations, returning photography to a unique and individualized practice and away from reproductive economies of mass production. His work involves an interrogation of the definition and function of photography, inviting us to reflect on what ‘photographic ness’ might mean and why it might matter. His photographs break traditional conventions of picture-making, placing us in an alternative viewing position, with a different kind of subjectivity to the visual world they confront us with.

Such images counter the photographically saturated environment of our hyper-mediated world, slowing our perception and encouraging a more thoughtful consideration of its effects by offering us an alternative, more contemplative visual experience.

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Exhibitions & Fairs


May 11 – June 17: The Borders | Mob-art Studio Luxembourg

May 28 – Aug 30: Unusual | Kahmann Gallery Amsterdam

June 15 – 18: Affordable Art Fair Sydney | Lightworks

Sept 20 – 24: Haute Photographie Amsterdam

Haute Photographie Rotterdam


Art Miami 2021

Pauze, SchlessArt, Voert 18, Bergen NH

Orbit, Poimena Gallery, Tasmania Australia, march 11th


Intersect Aspen, Aspen, USA, July 22-26

MU in Apeldoorn | Faraway Up Close, with catalogue, ACEC, 18 January – 1 March

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2020, Palm Beach, USA, 8-11 January


Kunst10Daagse, Bergen NH, 18-27 October

Painting with Light, Yossi Milo Gallery, USA, Jan 17 – Feb 23


Expo Chicago 2018, September 27-30

Contemporary Transformations, Duke Contemporary Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand

Grenzeloos Tekenen, SchlessArt, Bergen, September 1-23

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2018, Palm Beach, USA


Eloquent Geometry, Espace Meyer/Zafra, Paris, France

Expo Chicago 2017, USA

Art New York 2017, USA


Art Basel Miami 2016, USA

Light Painted Abstractions, Kaune Contemporary, Cologne, Germany

Songs on Paper – duo exhibition with Pieter Bijwaard – Kunsthandel Ineke Aronds, Bergen, The Netherlands

Expo Chicago 2016, USA

big nothing – curated by Richard Caldicott – Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York City, USA

Prime Time / Object_if – archetypes of abstraction in photography, with catalogue, DiehlCUBE, Berlin, Germany

Art New York 2016, USA


Silence out Loud – curated by Joost Zwagerman – Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen, The Netherlands

Blind Date II, Dapiran Art Project Space, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Modest Masters #1, Het Hof, Bergen, The Netherlands

Ways of the Imagination, Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Inspiratie – kunst, kennis en natuur, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen, The Netherlands


Neue Stille, Galerie Vous Êtes Ici, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


SchoK, Schoorl, The Netherlands


Bergen Geestgrond, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen, The Netherlands


He has never been to NYC, Galerie Jansen & Baumler, Amsterdam


Lisboa Taxi, Galerie Jansen & Baumler, Amsterdam



Collectables – issue #4, Kahmann Gallery


outwards #3 in: Maanbrief aan het getij – de belofte van het komen en gaan, Inge Nicole, In de Knipscheer

Honourable Mention from Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 in the ‘Open Theme’ category. And selected for publishing in the annual book of the competition.

Honourable Mention from Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 in the ‘Photomanipulation’ category. And selected for publishing in the annual book of the competition.


‘outwards #3’ in: Tijdschrift voor Zijnsoriëntatie 57/2018

Selected photographs with an essay by Derek Horton

Volar by Longplay (Pieter Bijwaard & Luuk de Haan), with text by Joost Zwagerman


Dichtersvisioen – mystieke duidingen van de laatste gedichten van Joost Zwagerman
Discovery Books, isbn 978-90-77728-44-4

Abstract, Blow Photo issue #15


De keuze van Joost Zwagerman. Ode aan de kunst, uitgeverij Terra

Prime Time – Archetypes of Abstraction in Photograph, Volker Diehl

Big Nothing june 16, The New Yorker

5 Photography Exhibitions to See This Summer, july 5, Aperture

Big nothing at Sous Les Etoiles by Isabelle Von Arx, june 20, Musée Magazine


waarschijnlijkheid 10, Witteveen Visual Art Centre Magazine, Oeke Witteveen

Inspiratie door het Oude Hof, NRC


Het Oude Hof in Bergen, uitgeverij Noord-Holland


Zielsverwant aan de nieuwe stilte, Het Parool


review Music for Artists #1 | januari edition #107, Gonzo Circus


Bergen | Geestgrond, uitgeverij d’Jonge Hond

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