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Kate Running Single Bum With Hat - 1963

Kate Running Single Bum With Hat - 1963

Signed (verso in pencil) silver gelatin print, c1980

With a handful of exceptions, Haskins did all his own printing for his creative work. He also passed away (2009) with only 2.5% of his archive signed. The Haskins archive is characterised by a very broad creative range, including many iconic works. Still, there is only a very small number of silver gelatin prints for each image (typically 1-3 copies, sometimes a few more), so signed works are especially rare. Sam Haskins built his reputation on his legendary books, which meant he originally printed to make maquettes (4 for each 60’s title) for presentation to publishers, not to produce stock for the print market. In other words, Sam Haskins silver gelatine are organically hyper-limited, there are no ‘editions’ of his vintage black and white work.


15.98 x 11.96 in (40.58 x 30.37 cm) | Image 15.74 x 11.61 in (39.97 x 29.48 cm)


To the best of our knowledge, this is the only signed print available.


This Sam Haskins work is sourced directly from The Sam Haskins Estate, run by the artist’s son. Born in 1955, Ludwig provides a living link with the entire history of Sam’s career.


Individually stamped and certified by the estate. Each print purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Kate Running Single Bum With Hat - 1963

Sam Haskins

“Haskins reinvented the genre of the nude with stunningly well-executed photographs, a cinematic approach, and a subtly engaging narrative.”
Philippe Garner (Specialist in photography and Director at Christies, London)