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Vivi in Bentley - Knees Up, 1963

Vivi in Bentley - Knees Up, 1963

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Standard - 55 x 61 cm (21.6 x 24 in)*
Large - 61 x 91.5 cm (24 x 36 in)*
X-Large - 91.4 x 137.1 cm (36 x 54 in)*
Jumbo - 111.7 x 167.5 cm (44 x 66 in)*

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Vivi in Bentley - Knees Up, 1963

Sam Haskins

“While the phrase often gets thrown around these days, Sam Haskins is indeed a visionary. His initial books and images released during the turbulent 1960s and the early 1970s eschewed clichés and took a confident venture into the unknown, influencing generations of imitators.”
Anthony LaSala author of ‘Nudes: The World’s Top Photographers and the Stories Behind Their Greatest Images’